More Information

Here are websites with more information about the environmental and health impacts of oil and gas fracking.

A YouTube interview, with Westin Wilson speaking about fracking at the Lowry Bombing Range, Arapahoe County, Colorado.

A YouTube “Fracking Colorado” presentation from Feb. 12, 2012, given by Shane Davis, Phil Doe, Wes Wilson, and Sonia Skakich-Scrima, with Q & A, in Denver.

 Need a baseline water test?  There’s information at the bottom of this page, in the “Discussion” box, from the Habitat and Monitoring Coordinator for the Coalition for the Upper South Platte.


Special Report: U.S. builders hoard mineral rights under new homes

State had 400 oil, gas spills in 2012, report says The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission reviews spills, and water contamination.

Phil Doe – A Must Read Account of Fracking Colorado

Meet Anthony Ingraffea – From Industry Insider to Implacable Fracking Opponent

A Fracking First in Pennsylvania: Cattle Quarantine

Nationwide Insurance: Fracking Damage Won’t Be Covered

Water Used For Oil and Gas Drilling In Colorado Increasing Colorado’s oil an gas drilling consumes enough water for 296,100 people/year.

Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us The Hidden Risks of Pumping Waste Underground. Lax oversight and uncertain science plague program under which industries have dumped 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquids deep underground.

How Fracking Threatens the Health of the Mortgage Industry.  Signing a gas lease without lender consent is likely to constitute a mortgage default.

Cornell University Professor D. Anthony Ingraffea’s “Facts On Fracking” YouTube videos.  Ingraffea presents facts from the scientific, technological and engineering viewpoint.  This is an excellent overview of the drilling and fracking process from a very well respected professional in the educational field.

Colorado Considers Drilling At State Park.

In The Clearing Stands A Boxer: One Man’s Fight Against Fracking.

Goldman Environmental Prize Winner, Ursula Sladek, has addressed climate change and energy security from the grassroots level. In response to the Chernobyl disaster and Germany’s reliance on nuclear energy, Sladek created her country’s 1st cooperatively-owned renewable power company.

German Village Achieves Energy Independence … And Then Some.  The momentum for renewable energy really picked up after Germany introduced a new feed-in tariff under the Renewable Energy Source Act of 2000.  Wildpoldsried produces 321% more energy than it needs and is generating $5.7 million in annual revenue.

The Parching Of The West &The Age of Thirst In The American West.  Coming to a theatre near you: The greatest water crisis in the history of civilization.  Essays by William DeBuys

Scientists Say Cut Soot and Methane, To Curb Global Warming.  An international team of scientists says it’s figured out how to slow global warming in the short run and prevent millions of deaths from dirty air: Stop focusing so much on carbon dioxide.

Colorado Drilling Bans Could Be Headed To Courts.

Clean Air Settlement to Strengthen Fracking Safeguards in Colorado.  BLM holds off on drilling, commits to accounting for air pollution along the Front Range and beyond.

Another Ohio Community Rocked by Quakes.

Three Years After Drilling, Feds Say Natural Gas In Medina County Well Water Is Potentially Explosive.

As Gas Drilling Spreads, Towns Hold Ground Over Control

Legal Fallout From Nuclear Bomb Frack Job Reaches Colorado Supreme Court. Citizen activist groups opposed to oil and gas drilling eye key decision.

Gas Is  ‘a threat, not a bridge’ To Renewables, Experts Warn.

U.S. Shale Bubble Inflates After Near-Record Prices for Untested Fields

 Medical Experts say “Stop Drilling” now.

Great Source For The Latest National and International Fracking News.

The Whole Fracking Enchilada:  Violating The Bedrock, The Atmosphere, And Everything In Between.  Biologist Sandra Steingraber gives fracking’s impacts in a nutshell.

Oil and Gas Lease Proposal Upsets Residents In North Fork Valley.  The demand for technical information — has been so great that the public-comment deadline was extended from Jan. 9 to Feb. 9.

Cornell Study Links Fracking Wastewater with Mortality in Farm Animals.  An important academic study on hydrofracking impacts on livestock and human health, that also raises serious questions about safety and monitoring our food supply.

Fracking to Expand On Boulder County Land and County To Consider New Fracking Regulations.

Fracking Discussion Packs Erie Town Hall, No Action Taken On Moratorium.  More than 100 residents show up to sound off on controversial gas drilling practice.

Facing Some Realities: Consultant Questions Lower 48 Shale Boom.  “It’s unclear that shale gas production will support even the short-term expectations of abundance,” Berman said.

Waste Water:  America’s Hidden 60 Million Barrel A Day Industry. Every day, U.S. oil and gas producers bring to the surface 60 million barrels of waste water, with a salt content up to 20 times higher than sea water and laced with hazardous chemicals.

Shale Gas Drilling’s Dirty Secret is Out:  The EPA’s findings about fracking’s contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial.  Comments by “Gasland” creator Josh Fox.

Water Wars: Arapahoe County Snaps Up Farm Water Rights in Northern Colorado. Buying agricultural water rights and drying up farmground puts pressure on an agricultural industry looking to feed a rapidly growing population, but it also has economic implications.

Officials In Texas Town Defend Ordinance In Wake Of Chesapeake Withdrawal.

Oil And Gas Leases Place Lenders At Risk:  As the U.S. deals with the aftermath of the collapsed real estate bubble, and erosion of home values, oil and gas development may be an unrecognised risks for real estate lenders.

Air Too Dangerous To Breathe:  How Gas Drilling Can Turn Rural Communities Into Industrial Wastelands  Drilling is just the tip of the iceberg.  Compressor stations have been associated with significant headaches, bloody noses, skin lesions, blisters, and rashes.

Fracking Contamination ‘Will Get Worse’:  Alberta Expert  A well-known industry expert in tracking leaking methane from oil and gas wells says a groundbreaking U.S. federal stuy on hydraulic fracturing highlights not only an old and growing problem, but the need for tighter regulations in the shale gas industry.

Learning Too Late of Perils in Gas Well Leases  Americans have signed millions of leases allowing companies to drill for oil and natural gas on their land in recent years. But some of these landowners — often in rural areas, and eager for quick payouts — are finding out too late what is, and what is not, in the fine print.

In addition: A Short Layman’s Guide to Lease Terms & An Archive of Oil and Gas Leases

Southeast Aurora residents question who will regulate fracking and address environmental concerns

U.S. Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Shale Gas Extraction

TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange) maintains a publicly available database of the potential health effects of chemicals used during natural gas operations.  The list currently contains nearly 1,000 products, but it is by no means complete.

Drill method shakes up environmental debate:  Energy industry, critics not giving ground on fracking dispute

Fracking of wells puts big demand on Colorado water

Weekend Fracking By Drillers Has Commerce City And Residents Complaining

EPA Finds Compound Used in Fracking in Wyoming Aquifer

Gas Industrial Complex Series: Speech Suppression Against Scientists Becoming Standard Operating Procedure

Cross Creek Citizens Address the Aurora City Council About Fracking

Energy Department Panel Warns of Environmental Toll of Current Gas Drilling Practices

State Unveils Fracking Chemical Disclosure Rules:  Comments Sought Through Nov. 25, Formal Hearing Set for Dec. 5

Articles about the fracking town hall held by Sen. Morgan Carroll, Rep. Su Ryden and Rep. Rhonda Fields, on Oct. 20, 2011, and about the reaction of Arapahoe, Elbert, and Douglas counties to the huge wave of oil and gas drilling.

Drillers seeking a piece of the lucrative Niobrara formation are rushing to buy leases along the Front Range, but some homeowners are digging in.

Anadarko Petroleum to Dive Deep into the Niobrara

Shell’s natural gas play in Colorado raises issues of local versus state input, control.  Citizen advocates in Huerfano County fuming over state permit.

New York State Senator Greg Ball: “Over My Dead Body” Will NY Have Pennsylvania’s Fracking Problem. State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, is proposing legislation that would set up some rules and guidelines aimed at hydrofracking in New York state.

Top 10 Giveaways To Big Oil In Rick Perry’s “Jobs” Plan. Rick  Perry’s “jobs” is less focused on creating jobs than providing benefits to multi-national oil and gas companies at the expense of taxpayers.

Fracking is toxic for kids, suit says.  Lawsuit is one of several that have recently been filed in federal court against natural-gas companies accusing them of harming people in the Fayetteville Shale. Other suits contend that fracking operations are contaminating groundwater and devaluing homes.

Criminalize Fracking.  Activists in New York   have drafted legislation  that would criminalize fracking.

Why the World May Be Running Out of Clean Water. The arid West, may have passed “peak water” — the point at which it becomes essentially impossible to increase supply.  ”The rapid expansion of the use of hydraulic fracturing to increase natural gas production has serious potential consequences for local water resources,”,8599,2097159,00.html

UN Report Urges Countries to Take Action to Protect Human Right to Water. Privatization can violate the human right to water through cutoffs, price hikes, contamination, corporate withholding of information or misleading the public, and failing to fulfil obligations.

Parched Texans Impose Water-Use Limits for Fracking Gas Wells,

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:  The Fracking Industry’s War On The New York Times — And The Truth.  Superb investigative journalism by the New York Times has brought the paper under attack by the natural gas industry, whose spinning and obfuscation is impeding leaders striving to institute sensible regulations.

Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages. Some banks have become reluctant to grant mortgages on properties leased for gas drilling.  What happens if they lend money for a piece of land that ends up storing the equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool filled with toxic wastewater from drilling?

EPA Plans to Issue Rules Covering Fracking Wastewater

Doctors Ask New York To Study Health Impacts Before Allowing Fracking

Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy.  A website dedicated to supplying vetted, evidence-based, scientific information and resources on unconventional gas development (high-volume hydrofracking) and other novel energy production methods. PSE’s mission is to bring transparency to the important public policy issues surrounding such methods, helping to level the playing field for citizens, advocacy groups, media, policy-makers and politicians.

BLM plan for Colorado oil and gas uses draws sharp criticism from conservationists, landowners, and industry.

Drilling spills rise in Colorado, but fines rare.  There are 7 spills every 5 days.

EPA holds hearing in Denver on gas and oil drilling emission rules

Fracking insiders score big in new gas bill, but Americans not told the true costs of massive drilling plan

Anschutz Exploration sues NY town to strike down zoning law that prohibiting gas drilling

State to levy record $940,000 fine against bankrupt operator for abandoning gas wells.

Science Lags as Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

Hot topic of hydrogen sulfide emissions creates cloud of controversy in gas patch

U.S. Grassroots Effort to Ban Fracking Floods White House with Calls as Groups Solicit UN to Recognize Fracking as Human Rights Issue

As Texas withers from its worst single-year drought ever, and residential water users face mandatory cutbacks, fracking faces no limits on how much water it can pump.

In Dry Creek Colorado members of the Hoffmeister family have been plagued by recurring sickness since gas fracking began.

Post Independent  Opinion:  Industry should keep public, workers aware of presence, dangers of hydrogen sulfide.

Senator Udall looking into charges that OSHA has taken over 2 years to investigate claims that Silt Mesa resident was exposed to potentially fatal fumes while working on gas drilling rig.

Fracking Will Cause “Irreversible Harm”.  A geological engineering professor specializing in rock mechanics and hydrogeology says fracking will cause “irreversible harm”lasting thousands of years.

Pooling Is Law Of Land:  Colorado Property Owners Faced With Possibility Of Being Forced Into Drilling Plans

Oil-and-Gas Panel Okays 25 Colorado Sites For Horizontal Drilling.

COGCC Defends Low Publicity Of Major Fines In Oil And Gas Spill Enforcement Case

Religious leaders, community representatives, environmental groups and health advocates from 100 organizations representing 2 million people in 13 states have united to protest the U.S. Energy Department’s decision to set up an advisory panel on hydraulic fracturing dominated by people with financial ties to the natural gas industry.

 Shell Project Draws Lawsuit from Huerfano County Group Seeking To Block Gas Test Well

Drilling Around The Law:  Environmental Working Group’s Fracking Regulation Recommendations

Scientists Say DOE Fracking Panel Biased By “financial Ties To Natural Gas, Oil Industry”

U.S. Forest Service:  Fracking Killed Trees

Pennsylvania Fracking Hearing: Standing room only and plenty contentious

Colorado Officials Investigating Hydrogen Sulfide Reports At Oil and Gas Drilling Sites.

Air Sampling In Colorado And New Mexico Reveals Toxins Near Drilling

Detroit City Council Becomes First In Michigan To Ban Fracking.

Blind Rush?  Shale Gas Boom Proceeds Amid Human Health Questions

Debt Ceiling Deal Puts U.S. On Brink Of Defaulting On The Environmental Debt.

Oil And Gas Boom A Bust For Hunters Along Colorado-Wyoming Border

Fracking Operations Cause Thousands of Earthquakes in Arkansas.

Forced Pooling:  When Landowners Can’t Say No To Drilling

Will Elbert County’s Citizens Wake Up To Predatory Water Districts?   Big Oil might find it handy if there were to be water districts in place that had been conveniently set up to usurp the rights of landowners who were unaware that adjudication of water rights was a necessary step to protect them (the landowners) from speculators. Most people are unaware that a Metropolitan Water District can be formed and, in the process, take away un-adjudicated water rights from landowners.

Why Natural Gas Is Not The Solution.  Rising from the ashes of fossil and nuclear fuels to a solar hydrogen economy by 2020.

 Water for Oil:  The Devil’s bargain for Natural Gas.  Why we aren’t being protected from fracking and how it is endangering our water.

The issue is about money, and what WE, the People, are up against. America’s Natural Gas Alliance, and other corporations are lobbying to influence members of Congress.  ANGA is behind a 3 million dollar unnatural campaign of political persuasion.

Fracking threatens organic farmers, conventional farmers and ranchers.

As Weld County fracking increases and industrializes communities, the quality of life and property values decrease.

Here are websites for finding current information about fracking in Elbert County, Colorado.

Fracking at Drinking Water Source for 80,000 Pennsylvanians Raises Alarms.

An article about one man’s quest for answers about natural gas drilling.

What happens when about 80 new natural gas wells are developed within a mile radius of your home?  Here’s one Colorado family’s story.

This new website has information, articles, links, and a fracktivist blog focused on gas fracking in Colorado, but also with news from the nation and world.

Yellowstone Oil Spill Prompts Evacuations July 2, 2011

U.S. Representative for Colorado, Mike Coffman has introduced legislation to speed up oil and gas permitting process

New Jersery legislators pass bill to ban fracking.

New Texas fracking chemical disclosure law:  critics find gaps in state disclosure laws.

Earthjustice provides legal representation at no cost to more than 700 clients, from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Wilderness Society to community-based coalitions.  Their site has blogs, stories, news, “fraccidents” and more.

A Cornell University professor’s study finds that natural gas from fracking could be dirtier than coal.

The New York Times has been doing a great “Drilling Down” series of articles on fracking.

Global Community Monitor has a fracking monitoring program in Battlement Mesa and Durango, Colorado.

Articles on fracking in Battlement Mesa, Colorado.

Fracking on Colorado’s Western Slope.

Fracking information and links to references, resources, and articles.

Great general information resource site devoted to fracking.  Lots of organizational help.

Site with lots of excellent information, especially for medical professionals.  Note that NY achieved their moratorium on fracking primarily by strong support from the NY Medical Society and local medical societies.

An April 26, 2011 forum on Colorado fracking, on the Tamara Banks Studio 12 Show, Colorado public tv channel 12.  An Industry rep., a Colorado oil and gas commissioner, Westin Wilson (EPA fracking whistleblower), Theresa Meixell (author of Collateral Damage, a book on fracking’s impact on landowners), and a Colorado rancher discuss fracking impact on ranching.

All kinds of fracking information, links, and support.

The public can post complaints about oil and gas wells on this website.

Food and Water Watch is working to ban fracking and has lots of information.

Coyote Gulch has all kinds of articles related to water in Colorado.

“Gasland”, a documentary about fracking, was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 in the best documentary category.  The website has news, action items, rebuttals to criticisms of the film, and fractivist groups can be listed on the site.

The South Park Coalition is working to stop fracking in Park County Colorado. Antero Reservoir, a source for Denver’s, water is up there.

An article with EPA whistle-blower Westin Wilson discussing the Niobrara formation and other fracking concerns.  The author, Michele Melio, has done many other articles on this site about fracking in Colorado.



One thought on “More Information

  1. Information on baseline water testing

    Dear all Concerned,
    I want to clarify that yes we can still test a few wells and yes there
    is a cost associated with the testing.
    If you are a part-time resident your cost is $850
    If you are a full time resident your cost is $425, for both there is a
    payment plan option.

    The lab charges $910 for sample analysis, so if a part time resident
    pays $850 this doesn’t even cover the entire cost of sample analysis,
    it also doesn’t cover any report writing, result analysis, sample
    collection, or transportation to the lab. Baseline sampling must be
    broad and therefore test for hundreds of different compounds. With our
    grant from the Land and Water Trust Fund we are able to pay for
    quality control samples, all the extra report and sampling costs,
    administration costs, the cost share for full time owners at a little
    more than $425/sample, samples on 8 different surface water locations
    including the Middle Fork of the South Platte at $910/sample,

    This test includes:
    RSK-175 – Dissolved Gases (GC) – Methane, Ethane,Ethylene,
    8015C – Diesel Range Organics (DRO) (GC) – C10-C28,
    8015C – Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) (GC) – C6-C10,
    8260B – Volatile Organic Compounds (GC/MS),
    8270C – Semivolatile Organic Compounds (GC/MS),
    Total Coliform,
    1664A – HEM (Oil & Grease),
    SM 2320B – Alkalinity,
    SM 2540C – Solids, Total Dissolved (TDS),
    300.0 – Chloride, Fluoride, Bromide, Sulfate (IC),
    300.0 – Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate (IC),
    6020 – Total Metals (ICP/MS) – 17 Elements (Includes Uranium),
    Gross Alpha Radiation
    Gross Beta Radiation
    Field parameters: pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen

    I appreciate your time and consideration,
    Jara Johnson
    Habitat and Monitoring Coordinator for the Coalition for the Upper South Platte

    Posted by lowryarapahoe | October 14, 2011, 5:54 pm

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