Lowry Bombing Range Fracking Concerns

Concerned Aurora citizens are posting the information on this blog in response to the possibility of hydraulic facturing (or fracking) occuring in our community. This site will provide information about fracking, to raise awareness of what is happening in Aurora and Colorado, and anywhere else this method of gas and oil extraction is used.

In Colorado, the State Land Board is considering leasing 1600-2600 acres of land at the Lowry Bombing Range (in Aurora) for fracking, to extract oil from the Niobrara oil shale beds 4000 feet down. It is considering allowing 19-98 wells.

In 2007, after numerous meetings and forums with the public and government agencies, this land was designated as a “sustainable development model” with “resource sensitive growth” to protect surrounding land and water resources. This land sits above four aquifers and is near the Aurora Reservoir.

Just 20 wells would require 400,000 tanker truck trips, and 8 billion gallons of clean water that would be contaminated when injected into the ground with 2 million gallons of toxic chemicals. Up to 98 wells are being considered and just 20 wells would represent a large- scale industrial operation.

Because of the significant risk for: air, noise, and light pollution, water and soil contamination, seismic activity, harm to public health and the natural environment, diminished quality of life, and adverse economic impacts (including diminished property values, as well as enormous amounts of clean water that would be used to extinction in the fracking process) fracking is not compatible with the determined purpose and terms of use for the land, as set by the State Land Board and its stakeholders in 2007.

We are requesting that the State Land Board reject considerations for such operations until oil production from shale can be accomplished with technology and regulatory oversight that substantially decreases risks to public health and safety, and to our environment and water security.

If you would like to sign our on-line petition, please go to:





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  1. I wish to propose the following criteria: what chemicals will be used; where is the water that is being used coming from; what is the drilling depth before going lateral.
    The following tests should be done prior to drilling; test 1 mile radius, test aquafers, wells, and resivor before drilling, 6 months after beginning of fracking, 1 year after fracking begun and after fracking is complete.
    Please respond. Jean Derr

    Posted by Jean Derr | August 8, 2011, 12:05 am
    • Your proposed critieria are all important. Our group has requested critieria like these, and more, in our hard copy petitions. The petitions have been given to the Aurora City Council and the Colorado State Land Board, and we will also give it to the Arapahoe County Commissioners. We are hoping they will seriously consider these criteria and incorporate them into the drilling leases.

      Posted by lowryarapahoe | August 13, 2011, 5:21 pm
  2. The fracking that will take place is just too close to homes. This is a concern to most facits of our lives. Can’t this be stopped?

    Diane Thelen

    Posted by Diane Thelen | October 25, 2011, 8:25 pm
    • Citizens, cities, and counties have little say on what happens, regarding fracking.
      Arapahoe county just drafted new drilling regulations and they are open to public review.

      For more information go to: http://www.co.arapahoe.co.us/Departments/PW/OilGas/OilGas.asp
      Draft Oil and Gas Regulations
      Please provide your feedback via the Feedback Form by Nov. 17, 2011.
      Mail or drop off the completed form to 6924 S. Lima St, Centennial, CO 80112 or
      fax it to 720-874-6671, or email it to oilandgas@co.araphaoe.co.us.
      In addition, the County is hosting two Open Houses for residents to provide their feedback on the draft regulations. Stop by anytime between 6 – 8 p.m. at one of the following locations.
      Nov. 8 – Byers High School Commons Area, 444 E. Front St., Byers
      Nov. 10 – Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza, 14980 E. Alameda Dr., Aurora

      In addition, we just wrote a new petition for Arapahoe county and you can read the petition at: https://frackingcolorado.wordpress.com/hard-copy-petitions/
      or sign our on-line petition ( http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/Stop-fracking-in-Arapahoe-County/). Basically it asks for a moratorium on fracking in Arapahoe county, until risks to the environment and public from fracking are eliminated, and our human rights are not denied.

      Our group is continuing to fight fracking, along with other concerned groups in Colorado. If you want to get involved, to volunteer and help us, or just stay posted and attend upcoming meetings and events, contact us at: Frackingcolorado@gmail.com or Frackingaurora@gmail.com
      Or just come to one of our events and sign up to help.

      Posted by lowryarapahoe | October 28, 2011, 10:02 pm


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