2013 Election Issues/Candidates


This page provides background information on fracking-related issues in the upcoming elections. For the most up-to-date information, check our Facebook page.

We are also listing candidates who are concerned about  the impacts of fracking on our communities and state. They support a safe, healthy, and sustainable future.  If you know of such candidates, tell us and we’ll share this information so voters can support them at the polls.

Ballot Measures


2H is the official ballot number for our 5-year moratorium on drilling and fracking in the City of Boulder and to protect Boulder-owned Open Space in Boulder County.  Vote “YES on 2H Campaign” to enact a 5 year moratorium in Boulder.


Our Broomfield collected over 3,000 signatures for a ballot initiative, to allow the people of Broomfield the right to vote for a 5 year moratorium, to assess the health, environmental, economic and social impacts associated with hydraulic fracturing. The ballot question reads as: “Shall Broomfield’s Home Rule Charter be amended for five years so as to prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil, gas, or other hydrocarbons within the City and County of Broomfield and to prohibit the disposal or open pit storage of solid or liquid wastes created in connection with the hydraulic fracturing process? “

Fort Collins

The incredible team effort, led by Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins, gathered over 8,000 signatures (more than twice the number required) for their ballot initiative.  Fort Collins became the fifth community in Colorado to add a fracking moratorium or ban to the November ballot.


East Boulder County United has put what they are calling the Community Bill of Rights on the November ballot (Issue 300) in Lafayette. Although this charter amendment focuses on limiting fracking in Lafayette, the implications are potentially game-changing in how we view the rights of people versus the rights of corporations. Another ballot item, Issue 301, will replace the annual franchise agreement with Xcel Energy and its accompanying franchise fee with a 3 percent occupation tax.


Protect Our Loveland gathered enough signatures to put a fracking moratorium on the November ballot, but five Loveland City Councilors voted to deny Loveland voters the right to vote on the 2 year moratorium, while Larry Sarner, who challenged the initiative, gets his appeal process.



PK Kaiser, an Aurora City Council-At-Large candidate, has heard the voices of Aurora citizens regarding oil and gas development and is concerned about the effect that highly industrial activity may have on our land, our air, our water, our property values and our health. PK envisions a one-stop renewable energy network in Aurora, which could lead the state, nation, and world in energy leadership. To Learn More About PK Kaiser, Go To: http://vote4kaiser.com/


Micah Parkin, a Boulder City Council candidate, supports a healthy, sustainable, resilient and thriving future for our community. Think LOCAL clean energy, LOCAL food, strong LOCAL economy!  She is executive director of 350 Colorado, an advocacy group focused on climate issues. To Learn More About Micah, Go To: http://micahforcitycouncil.com/  


Merrily Mazza, a Lafayette City Council candidate, serves on the executive committee of the anti-fracking group East Boulder County United, and said at the Sept. 30th forum, the whole point of Issue 300 is to assert that community rights “supersede” corporate rights. The line is drawn, she said, when public health is endangered. “The right to property doesn’t mean you have the right to harm,” she said.

Cliff Smedley, a Lafayette City Council candidate, said at a Sept. 30th forum, said the time has come to combat companies that want to bring a hazardous industrial process — oil and gas drilling — to residential areas. Just because there haven’t been any new wells drilled in Lafayette in more than a decade, Smedley said that doesn’t mean the city is safe from fracking. “They’re drilling on Boulder County open space. You cannot get more sacred than Boulder County open space,” he said. “If they’re willing to drill there, what makes you think they won’t drill here?” He supports both initiatives 300 and 301.


Irene Fortune, Lovelnad City Council Candidate for Ward 1, supports your right to vote whether to delay oil/gas drilling in city, to assess health, safety and property value impact.
Especially as Loveland faces the prospect of oil and gas drilling inside city limits, my scientific knowledge and years-long study of Colorado’s oil and gas industry, will be unique on Council and will help safeguard our health, safety and property value.

David Hallet, Loveland City Council Candidate for Ward 4 says,”I am not advocating we cease production of fossil fuel. But I, and many others, not only in Loveland but also all over the country are fighting for safe procedures for the extraction of fossil fuels particularly when the drilling and hydraulic fracturing will occur, literally, in our back yards. The industry refuses to address the issues of safety and impact on property values. They say “Trust us, we know what we are doing.” Sad to say, I believe them. They know exactly what they are doing and they don’t give a damn. They will be long gone when the problems arise.

To Learn More About David Hallet, Go To: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hallet-4-Ward-4/632842576733522



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