Oil Fracking Information Meeting

A free public meeting about oil fracking will be held at the Smoky Hill Public Library on July 6, 2011, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm.  

What: The Colorado State Land Board is currently considering a proposal to lease land at the Lowry Bombing Range for oil fracking (hydraulic fracturing).  This land is north of the Aurora Reservoir and over four aquifers, and in an area designated as low-impact mixed development and resource sensitive.  If fracking occurs on the 1600-2600 acres, it will bring 19-98 wells and industrialize the area.   

Why: This meeting will provide information about what this means, and how it could impact our community and environment. Fracking uses massive amounts of clean water and toxic chemicals to break up shale deposits and release oil and/or gas for extraction. Many places in the nation and Colorado have experienced adverse affects of air, land, water, noise and light pollution.  Find out what the gas and oil industry, and our public officials aren’t telling the public about fracking.

Who:  This meeting is brought to you by concerned Aurora citizens and Be The Change USA www.BTC-USA.org

Where:  The Smoky Hill Library is located at:  5430 S Biscay Cir., Aurora, CO 80015(303) 542-7279



2 thoughts on “Oil Fracking Information Meeting

  1. are they fracking in Aurora CO? is there a list of fracking locations ?

    Posted by Star | April 13, 2014, 9:59 pm

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